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My Comic Book Crush
Thanks to @shannonl5 for tagging me! I would have to say that my comic book crush has to be for the sexy mutant known as Storm.
This crush began during Jim Lee's run with the Uncanny X-Men back in the days of X-Tinction Agenda. While most of my friends loved Elektra, I remained a loyal Ororo Munroe fanboy. ^_^
I was so excited with the announcement of the first live action X-Men movie! To finally be able to see her in the flesh. I was a bit doubtful with Halle Berry but was amazed at her exceptional portrayal of the weather manipulating mutant.
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@jibarito ooooh yes Gamora!!
2 years ago·Reply
Storm is a-mazing
2 years ago·Reply
I think Halle berry did a good job, even though she did lose her accent in the sequel lol
2 years ago·Reply
@buddyesd I totally agree! She brought a lot to the character. I wish they'd given her more screen time
2 years ago·Reply
@buddyesd completely lost it lol but I agree, she did a really great job with the role
2 years ago·Reply