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This is for you, @LAVONYORK! This is us...

"Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?" "Nope... But I broke a nail clawing my way out of Hell." ;)

It always starts simple...

And then one has a little too much... or just loses it!

And the other thinks, "Oh... Here... We... GO."

And it's ON!

There's a lot of this:

Until you go and do this!!!

But don't worry, girl! I'll stick with ya!

Because that's how it is.

Feel better soon!!!! 3 3 3

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I never realized that Dean was such a sassy dancer.
He is a sassy beast, @danidee. Did you see the video of the whole dance routine he did?? Let me find it. It's EPIC.
@ButterflyBlu Damn, that boy's got some musical theater in him lol.
@danidee Pretty fantastic, right? lol Smh. I know.... I know....