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K-Pop Cuties Tournament: FINALS
Hello Vingle K-pop Family!!!! Can you all believe we have reached the finals of this bracket?!?! This is the last card that I will be making in which you guys will vote, and it is totally sad. Thank you all so much for being so into this idea and for voting on each card. This really was so successful because ya'll are so wonderful and passionate about these k-pop idol cuties. I have other ideas of other themes I can do brackets on, but I will get into it that later (aka on our finals winner card I will ask everyone to vote on what they want on next lol) So... YA'LL READY FOR THIS? LET US GET THE FINAL THREE UNDERWAY.
Alright Vernon, we will start once I explain the rules one last time! Since we are on the finals, we have three finalists. Each finalist with get 10 pictures/gifs that I have selected. Now, I try to be as unbiased as possible when choosing these images and try and show each finalist at their cutest, since that is what this whole bracket is about. So after I show ten images of each finalist, YOU MUST CHOOSE. Please, pick one final winner out of the three. I know they are all so adorable, and it is going to be hard you guys. Grueling. But, I have faith in this community that we can choose the ULTIMATE K-POP KING OF CUTE together. So since you are voting for just one person this time around, in the comments just type the name that you are picking as the ultimate winner, and if you so desire you can explain why you chose them, do all the heart eyes, or cry because it was such a hard decision. Or just say a name. You hardened k-pop fan. So if there is a tie, I have chosen who I voted for already, so I can be the tie breaker. And combination that I could think of, I have chosen a winner. I'll keep voting open until Tuesday! So as I have mentioned before, try and put aside personal biases and vote for the most adorable cheek pinching little put in your pocket cutie face for a fair voting experience. OKAY, NOW LET'S START!!!!
Jin (BTS) *please scroll through the photos and gifs of Jin and definitely look up more if you want* Jin is a vocalist and visual of the popular hip-hop k-pop group BTS. Jin enjoys cooking, eating, and being pretty (lol). So if your winner for the K-Pop Cuties Tournament is Jin, please comment his name below.
Mark (Got7) *please scroll through the photos and gifs of Mark and definitely look up more if you want* Mark is a rapper and dancer from the rookie k-pop JYP group Got7. Mark enjoys Jackson, flipping, and skateboarding. So if your winner for the K-Pop Cuties Tournament is Mark, please comment his name below.
G-Dragon (BIGBANG) *please scroll through the photos and gifs of G-Dragon and definitely look up more if you want* G-Dragon is the leader and rapper of BIGBANG and also a solo artist. GD enjoys fashion, composing, and being doted on by Seungri. So if your winner for the K-Pop Cuties Tournament is G-Dragon, please comment his name below.
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@AmbieB no problem with picking your bias if you are unbiased in the cute picking. And all your reasons for Mark seem like perfect reasons to me :) I definitely tried to pick gifs/pics that made us want to do exactly that so mission accomplished lol. That one of Mark in the tank top gets me.
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@baileykayleen Oh, good. I'm glad. x) You definitely accomplished your mission. Lol He's just cute on his own and then when he intentionally does aegyo or something cute in general, what can I do? 馃槢 Mark + Tank Top = Love + Aegyo = Overload xD
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VOTING IS DONE! Wooooo. I'll tally, and get a winner card up later today. Thank you everyone :)
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