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From Soul Eater. Cosplayer is Susana Netzlaff.
"The power of the Kishin goes beyond human understanding. It is evolution itself! Shinigami and you at DWMA have watched over and protected the world by acting as a deterrent to that power. DWMA's intent can be summed up in one expression: "Maintain the Status Quo." But time moves forward. Isn't it logical that we grow and advance along with it. It's only natural. Doctor Stein...do you really want a monotonous world...where nothing ever changes?" The sinister witch and mother of Crona. After replacing her child's blood with the Black Blood that Ragnarok was melted into, she manipulates Crona into collecting innocent human souls that come across as an attempt to make them a Kishin. She was also later responsible for the revival of the Kishin, Asura. She was the first major antagonist in Soul Eater. (souleater.wikia.com)
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this is amazing! those nails are done so well! and the contacts/photo editing whatever that is is awesome.