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I created this outfit using the app Polyvore super cute. What do you guys think?
Grey Crop Top I really love this style. Its only $14.99 And 30% off your first order! http://genuine-people.com/products/gray-crop-top-1?utm_source=polyvore&utm_medium=cpc_mobile&utm_campaign=tops&variant=1095040108
Lace Shorts. Its on sale right now for only $11.47! 32% off site wide on orders over $59 using the code Wait32 http://m.shein.com/Black-Elastic-Waist-Contrast-Lace-Shorts-p-170534-cat-1740.html?utm_source=polyvore.us&utm_m=cpc_mobile&url_from=shorts#click=us&to=m&originUrl=us
Floopy Hat Could'nt find the exact hat but this one looks kinda looks like it, Its $32.00 This website has freeshipping of orders over $50 and free returns! http://m.lulus.com/products/carmen-sun-diego-black-hat/230018.html?utm_source=Polyvore&utm_medium=PPC&utm_content=230018&utm_campaign=PLA
@PurpleChick I agree
@bibliolady I love then too they are so cute and stylish!
Love the shoes!
OH MY GOD I am in love with this! I love using hats as accessories too. Very cute for fall with some tights yeah? I want to see more of these you have really good taste :)
@tessStevens Yes using hats is an amazing accessory I will also use it with some ripped boyfriend jeans . Thanks hun! I'm definitely posting more I'm already working on some outfits :)