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Jin-ho Jeon (Lee Min Ho) is a stylish guy who is self-centered and obsessed with cleanliness. Gae-in Park (Son Ye-Jin) is a woman hurt by love and is looking for a gay roommate. Jin-ho wants to live her and pretends to be a gay.
It's so funny and romantic! Highly recommended!
@CandaceJordan Glad I helped inspire you! It's still cute if you watch it again! πŸ’ž @shantalcamara It's so funny! I loved it! @tusarika It's one of my favorites! @Kuramariin Yes! Love him! @sherrysahar Me tooπŸ˜˜πŸ˜™πŸ˜š
Hello. This one of my favorite dramas. It had a very good storyline. Lee Min Ho is one of my favorite actors as well. He has a good personality and he is handsome as well. He is a very talented person and I admire him. This drama is a must see if you have not seen it. Have a good weekend Exoexo.
was adorable
I love this drama
@JaxomB Yes it is! Love him!
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