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Fearless Barney!

Hahahah, this is me whenever I go to a specialty doctor. I know whenever my primary physician recommends me to another more specialized doctor that ish is about to get real.
Oh, Barney. So masculine and macho but really such a fraidy bunny on the inside.
Haha.. Lol
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Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka celebrate their wedding anniversary!
Can you still hear the bells? It's been exactly a year since Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka tied the knot and they look SO happy! Harris took to Instagram to show his love and happiness surrounding the anniversary. "One year ago today I had the pleasure of marrying David Burtka. I'm so happy that I did - he's a truly wonderful man. Here's to many more laughs and adventures..!" It's crazy to think that they've only been married a year when the couple have two children, Harper, 4, and Gideon, 4. They had a very intimate and private ceremony last year in Italy on Sept. 8. Sir Elton John performed for the twins while Kelly Clarkson's "A Moment Like This" was selected as the couple's wedding song. For Harris and Burtka, having this special moment with their children was very important to them. "It was nice. It was very small, intimate. Only 45 people were there," Neil shared on The View days after tying the knot. "I just wanted to be able to say nice things about David, to David, in front of the people who matter most to us…a declaration to share in front of our kids.I wasn't a crying mess or anything, but they're important words that need to be heard by the person that you're [marrying] was fun." Congratulations to this gorgeous family! When Harris and Burtka got married, Harris tweeted , "Guess what? David Burtka and I got married over the weekend. In Italy. Yup, we put the 'n' and 'd' in 'husband.'" They have been a couple since 2004. Fans have been so supportive of their marriage and they are definitely #MarriedLifeGoals. Wishing them a lifetime of happiness! Do you love them or do you love them?
HIMYM Guide To Studying For Midterms
You try to act like the responsible unstable college student you are. You've got your GPA on the line when in reality you'd rather be partying it up with your friends at the bars or Netflix and chillin' with bae. You attempt to convince yourself that the subject you're currently study will hopefully pay off one day when you get your dream job (of working in a cubicle). Also, you've just realized this is the first time you've opened your outdated textbook that you paid over $100 for. To ease your tensions, you go to see a study session that is supposedly hosted by your professor. Obviously the professor doesn't show so instead you get the TA who is supposed to be able to answer all of your questions. The TA is pretty much the same age as you and you've seen him or her at a house party twice last weekend but somehow they're you're last hope. The class is basically dead silent during the study session and during the review session during class. Your teacher makes a derogatory comment about how we've probably all studied enough to prepare for the test even though the professor knows 90% of us haven't even opened the book and we're just waiting for the genius in the front row to give a long winded thought somehow giving us all of the information we didn't listen to during lecture. Anxiety starts to set in as you start to cram study. People are offering Adderall, you haven't gone to bed before 2am in three days and your hygiene is becoming questionable. You're eating choices are taking a dive and you can't remember the last time you were able to go to the gym. And then you break down. (Yes, I understand this is from Big Bang Theory but I couldn't stop laughing at this GIF) Now you're starting to get moody and unapproachable. You tell everyone how you'd rather shoot yourself which is extremely unnecessary but all you can think about is the day that you won't have to worry about the midterms anymore. You have been studying for hours now which feels like days long and you've retained next to nothing. Death is among you. You've become so irritable that you've been completely MIA on the social scene. All of your friends with less intensive majors or schedules that somehow landed them with teachers who don't give midterms take you aside. They want you to be back to your fun self who loves the university but all you want to do is scream. You're so worn down that your emotions are on the brink of war. So when you finally break down and explain all of your frustrations, your friends respond with a very unsympathetic response. "Oh that sucks," they say. BUT THEN MIDTERMS ARE OVER. CONGRATULATIONS YOU SURVIVED. And then you receive your grade a few days later just reminding you that your C+ was not worth the amount of stress you exerted to not even be mediocre. Next stop...FINALS.