What was your first impression of every member? I have fallen behind, so I'll post a few all at once :)
Wow, his rapping style is a lot like Baro, and he is super cute.
My first impression of N was how my sister really disliked him because she watched him on some random variety show and he bugged her. (He is one of her biases now lol.)
You sing like an angel and might not be full Korean? Hah. Sorry JaeHwan, you look so much like a guy my sister knows who is half.
Okay so he is the sexy one...? Hah! That really was my first impression of Leo in Super hero because of the mesh. I thought he was going to be the bad boy sexy one, like Jonghyun from SHINee.
You are gorgeous I love you bias. 😍😍😍
SO CUTE YOU MUST BE THE MAKNAE! Debut Hyuk was literally a baby child bundle of joy.
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I feel like we both had the same reaction to hongbin when first seeing them XD "hello gorgeous bias" except i later changed mine lol