What reality show of theirs is your favorite? Honestly, I haven't watched much. I have seen the most of VIXX TV more than anything else so I will say that is my answer. :) I'm one of those fans that really do love the boys, but I concentrate on the music more than the behind the scenes things. Not that the boys aren't fun and amazing to watch, I just really have a problem with concentration.
I mean.
How can you not love them?
Beautiful dorks who care so much for their Starlights that they do shows like this. Thank you VIXX.
I'm the same way sometimes. I prefer to get to watch them perform in their element than to watch them do nothing, which is why i never understand korean fans who like go to the airport for EVERY arrival/departure....like OK if you want to go one time bc you've never gone but after that, I just don't see it as interesting as actually seeing them DO THEIR THING, you know?
@baileykayleen Definitely! I don't mind if other people do it as long as it's not something the boys have said they are uncomfortable with, but I just personally don't like to support that way :)
@byeolbit yeah I tend to agree. I mean I understand wanting to be there for the boys, but I think the support VIXX really wants is for people to go to their shows, buy their albums, and make their careers a success. But I definitely don't frown upon MOST (now I do believe there is a line lol) people's form of fandoming, since to each their own,even if they are different than mine.