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Reality of Depression and Kpop
Depression is real and it's not fun at all amigos. Life can have ups and downs and these changes can have a different impact on people. Depression does not discriminate, and sadly our kpop loves are not excluded from being attacked from this beast. I found an article on Koreaboo about kpop stars that suffer from Depression. I thought it was worth reading.

Warning this is a long card and a serious topic.

This is so true. Kpop world may be awesome but it does come with a price...mentally and physically.
I'm sad that my Papi has depression. I know he deals with so much stuff. I pray he finds a balance so he can get better.
Even pretty people get depression. Depression does not care who you are.
I know he playfully spoke about this on a show. They asked him why he didn't like to expose his body. He laughed saying he really didn't know. Maybe he's just weird. Then a light came on for me. After thinking about how he suffered from being overweight as a child I thought hum....he could suffer from depression. I read too that when loosing weight he barely ate food. BB kings need love too.
I am willing to admit that I was having issues adjusting to life during college years. I sad, had anxiety, mood swings, couldn't focus, wasn't eating, and feeling worthless. I began over sleeping to avoid people. I hated waking up each morning to see the sun. I knew something was wrong. SO......... I went to see a psychologist. He diagnosed me with Clinical Depression. IT IS NOT FUN! However, I was determined not to let it regulate my life. I also opted put of taking medicine. I manage my depression naturally and spiritually. HOWEVER, THIS IS A PERSONAL CHOICE. EVERYONE HANDLES DEPRESSION DIFFERENTLY. If you suspect having depression I strongly recommend that you talk to your doctor.
Signs of Depression....I'm not a psychologist, but I'm going to school to be a therapist. Don't self diagnose, but if you truly experience any of these on a regular basis please consult with your doctor.
Depression is genetic and has to do with chemical imbalances with the brain plus environmental stress/triggers. I do deal with depression on a regular basis, but since I follow through with my treatment plan and use positive coping skills I'm not depressed as much as before. However, I seem to get depressed during change and when I'm in stressful situations. It's important to know my triggers so I can avoid then when possible.
How to deal with depression.... Personally, I like to talk to people in my support mom, dad, best friend, mentor. If I don't feel like talking I write poetry or short stories. I used to keep a journal of poems. Sometimes, I listen to music and sip on green tea. I go to church too. I just find positive things to do. Here is a link to a card with some fun things that I do also and is on my to do list.
Maybe you have a loved one suffering from depression and you want to be supportive. These are some things to not say to them. When I was going through a depressive episode a friend of mine said "Well, there are ppl worst off than you. Honestly, you have nothing to be sad about." This person made my situation worst by saying such ignorant things. Sometimes, we don't always want advice. We just need a non judgmental listening ear. It is helpful to know when to give advice, when to actively listen, show empathy, and when to give that individual their space. If you truly don't know what to do sincerely ask that person what can you do to help.

What are your thoughts? Do you know a someone who deals with depression?

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Loving the comments and grateful for all the support ppl are offering.
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Thank you so much for sharing @SarahHawkins @glostick @JessicaChaney @SharayahTodd @DeniseiaGardner and thank you so much @amobigbang for writing this card. Not many people understand how depression works. They think it's just being sad about something when it's an illness that can happen to anyone at any time. Even people that seem really happy. The kpop idols are a great example. From the outside it seems like they have nothing to be upset about but that's not how depression works. I'm glad you're on a plan that works for you and that you were able to get help. It can be so difficult, especially when it seems like your peers don't support you or understand what you're going through. It's really unfair. I'm sorry it took me so long to comment, this card honestly struck a chord with me because while I'm really healthy right now, I haven't always been. Right now I'm supporting a friend who is going through a serious bout, and while they're getting the help they need it's going to be a really long journey for them. @TessStevens this seems like it's right up your alley.
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Thank you for sharing this card, I've been dealing with depression and anxiety ever since high school. I didn't realize it until a few years ago. I'm trying to learn how to manage it, but it seems whenever I make steps forward, I get dragged back to square one. Thank you once again, this has helped me a lot!
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I read an interview recently in which T.O.P said that he basically stayed in bed and drank for months after he finished Commitment because it left him in such a dark place. And if you look at GD's eyes in pictures lately, they just look so sad. I think the fact that they're both so talented and so honest about their struggles is a big part of why their fans adore them like they do. It makes them relatable because so many of us have been there.
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@Ashby you are welcome. I'm glad this card helped you out. School is one of my triggers too. I'm a perfectionist. Don't get me wrong I'm an A student but I'm always over doing and over thinking things. I try to slow down and take it one step at a time while being realistic.
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