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One of the best NBA-related stories I've read recently. Apparently, Jalen Rose was partying with some Indiana students and just redefined the meaning of "debauchery." These are some of the things that Rose said that the students remembered. “He seemed fairly confident that MJ was hungover in Game 5 of the ’97 Finals and didn’t actually have the flu.” On Reggie Miller’s house burning down in 1997: “He is SURE [ex-wife] Marita Miller burned down Reggie’s house.” “Joked how he couldn’t smoke weed because, ‘Man I work for Disney!! You don’t think they drug test us?’ ” “He kept asking how the hell you work a bong and after getting chirped for it, he goes ‘PLEASE. Black people only use pipes if they’re smoking crack’" “He claimed he could hit 17 of 20 3s RIGHT THEN AND THERE, everyone howled and said no way, he just laughed and kept yelling ‘f*** ya’ll f*** ya’ll’ “ “5am rolls around and he gets asked what time his flight is to leave for New Orleans—‘Oh I dunno…about 2 and a half hours.’" On Jamaal Tinsley: ‘The dude drank vodka more often than water…AND I let him live with me! For a MONTH!’" Oh Jalen, how I would love to party with you one day...