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Oh. My. Good. Meet The Brother Bears Podcast. They put together these cosplays featuring Han Cholo, Princess Loca and Artudito (I can't take the puns) for Long Beach Comic Con this year, and wow. WOW. Talk about a creative take on a classic that EVERYONE will love!!

Artudito is the best part of this! THE BEST!!

Han Cholo, Princess Loca and Artudito.

The best family ever.

But seriously Artudito is the winner!!

That sombrero! That fringe!

Princess Loca is pretty cool, too!!

I approve.

Artudito is definitely the best part of this
@jokes I want to invite him to all of my birthday parties for the rest of forever
@hikaymm agreed
This is great!! :D
Artudito is pretty epic. It took me a while to get the name, but once I did, I was like buhahaha.