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Happy Birthday Baby Face
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@luna1171 I loved that show. However cutie was not what I was thinking during that show. WOW! I was shocked at how great of an actor he is. I couldn't find Werewolf Boy on the internet so I bought it. LOVE that movie.
@TigerlilyB4 Dramafever has Werewolf Boy and Netflix too..I know. ..he is such a good actor I would like to se him more.. I will like to see him working with Yoo Ah In again..lol
@luna1171 I wonder why I couldn't fine it on Netflix. Oh well. It was a great movie. so I am glad I bought it.
its on dramafever and gooddrama.net@tigerlily@luna1171
@TigerlilyB4..Yes I saw on Netflix first time like last year.. and then last week the show it on Dramafever. .yes it is great movie I have seen it couple of times..lol