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Yesterday the 28th edition of the iconic Air Jordan sneaker was revealed and word spread faster than the players who wear them. Debuted at a special invite-only event in New York City, the Jordan 28's feature a great deal of new technology for better performance, but style-wise, many feel the shoe is lacking. The sneaker borrows from Nike's Gary Payton "Glove" design from over a decade ago, resembling a sock. When unzipped a neon green shoe is revealed. The shoe, which Nike stresses is a performance show, has “a Pebax® moderator plate that maximizes the responsiveness of the Nike Zoom units through compression and deflection for optimal performance by essentially unlocking the airbags in the forefoot and heel, unleashing the power of the Zoom bags.” The unveiling featured a Q&A session where long time supporter Spike Lee interviewed Brand Jordan athletes New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony and Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook, who will wear the shoe during his Thursday night game against the Brooklyn Nets. The shoe will go on sale in February for $250.