5 years ago5,000+ Views quite speechless?!?!
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Hahahaha! This got clipped to my "Eye Catching" collection. That's funny...LOL! But, yes, those are amazing! I love it.
5 years ago·Reply
for mardi gras do that to your eyes and take a pic to share (^_*)
5 years ago·Reply
If I do, I certainly will. (≧∇≦)/ I was planning on doing some heavy makeup if my mask didn't come in on time, but I got it yesterday. So I may or may not do makeup, since I have the mask. I'm going to post the mask later. It's so pretty.
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yes, yes, yes, please do....i wanna wanna wanna seeee!!!!!!!!!
5 years ago·Reply
ROFL! Okay, I will. It's good you reminded me because I already forgot.
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