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About Me
In my intro card, I didn't say much about myself, so I'm going to do that now!
First off, my name is Taylor I started listening to k pop about 1 month so. My friend introduced me to it by having me listen to BTS and EXO.
I ride horses once a week and have been doing so for more than a year. I ride English Pleasure
I am in marching band, which is where I met my friend who introduced me to K pop (the pic is a button in my car lol)
I listen to Exo, BTS, Vixx, Got7, and I really like the new group Up10tion. My bias list: Exo: Chanyeol BTS: Rap Mon and Jungkook Vixx: Leo and N Got7: BamBam and Mark and Jackson Up10tion: Wooshin and Jinhoo
ur in marching band too? What instrument do u play? I play saxophone
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@wllmvns I play the trumpet 馃榿
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@TBryant nice intro! And i"m so envious! You get to ride on a horse once a week.
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Omfg my name is Taylor too!and I'm in band I play the clarinet and my bias is chanyeol as well the same as got7 my bias is mark and bambam 馃槀 we are basically the same!!
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And I first started listening to EXO and BTS
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