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Once Upon a Time there was an anime opening that I just completely loved- "BULL$#!T" Okay so maybe I do still like it, and it may or may not possibly be my ring tone (i have no shame lol)
This song is Beloved X Survival the Opening for "Brothers Conflict"
Alright i may or may not have more than one favorite opening....
But i have my reasons for liking but also hating this one
As some of you may know this is the One Piece Opening #13 "One Day" i really like this song despite its terrible memories
R.I.P. Portagus .D. Ace
*Spoiler End*
But yea still defintely another favorite of mine
Soul Eater but actually for this one i prefer the Ending Theme
"So why include it, this is opening this ONLY"
Because imma rebel thats why lol
If you havent done this weeks Monday Madness challenge and still want to do it. Then this is your chance dont fall into an even worse procrastination then i did!!
Ill be looking for your card :P
(If you dont know about Monday Madness challenges then check out @poojas collection, but if your feeling up for some more fun @RosePark does Twisted Thursday Challenges aswell. So dont forget to check them out)
See you guys later bye :P
Hahaha niceeeee! I always look forward to your challenge responses lol. SO MUCH FUN!
Brothers Conflict was awesome!! 😁 don't worry no shame there!