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ive been hearing alot of stuff lately.... does anyone know whats going on with bts? ive been seeing alot of people say that jin is leaving bts . I really hope hes not.. idk guys, what do you think? do you guys think jin is leaving? hopefully the guys update soon and tell us whats going on because this is really to much to handle.
What if this is all planned.. Part of the new comeback concept.. Give us the prologue feels take Jin away since he's the only "survivor" have just the ghosties perform then he comes back at the end like gotcha "we just wanted to make you cry more bloody tears" Think about it, BTS is too big for Jin to just decide to leave.. Big hit is one crazy ass MOFO
if jin leaves bts im just done. 馃槶
if jin leaves I would be crying for days
Its just people getting restless, don't stress, he is not leaving
@PrettieeEmm I would be so mad if they did that I would get over it but that would be horrible lol and I seriously hope he isn't leaving because he completes the bts family
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