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The first time I did a makeup test for Marco from snk. Which was like 3 years ago. The second pic is fairly new and I feel so proud bc of how it turned out.
Now my Levi cosplay has been changing over the years.
I'm just really find of makeup.
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@hikaymm no problem!! And thank you. Actually in a little bit I'm gunna create a folder for makeup and stuff. So it will probably be updated a lot.
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You've got such a great sense of humor in the more recent pics! These are great ^_^
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That Levi cosplay gives me so much inspiration XD. Great job on these!
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this is awesome! you have a real talent for makeup and visualizing a design!
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@AdiaJasinski Sweet!!! I'll definitely follow a collection like that so just link me if you do get it started :D
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