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Also called "Parasyte"
The 17-year-old Izumi Shinichi lives with his mother and father in a quiet neighborhood in Tokyo. One night, worm-like aliens called Parasytes invade Earth, taking over the brains of human hosts by entering through their ears or noses. One Parasyte attempts to crawl into Shinichi's ear while he sleeps, but fails since he is wearing headphones, and enters his body by burrowing into his arm instead, taking over his right hand and is named Migi.
Because Shinichi was able to prevent Migi from traveling further up into his brain, both beings retain their separate intellect and personality. As the duo encounter other Parasytes, they capitalize on their strange situation and gradually form a strong bond, working together to survive. This gives them an edge in battling other Parasytes, who frequently attack the pair upon realization that Shinichi's human brain is still intact. Shinichi feels compelled to fight other Parasytes, who devour humans as food, while enlisting Migi's help.

Status: Completed (24 Episodes)


Personally I love horror/psychological animes, that's why I love Death Note, Mirai Nikki, Psycho-Pass, etc. So I was looking for a new anime of this genre and boy I found a good one. The story is well developed with TONS of horror for this genre lovers. Just imagine having a super smart alien hand that can basically transform into anything (Also do a lot of killing *ahem*). Lastly, *warning* some of the bad guys might give you nightmares but this anime is well-worth your time.


Shinichi is your average school intellectual boy, but when he finds out about Migi (his right hand is an alien now) everything changes. The relationship between these two is a good enough reason to watch this anime. The other infected are just something to watch out for, they are creative and creepy as hell, and some of them are even cute.

-Unique Feature-

I have to say the both the story and characters are amazing as I already explained before. To some extent, you could say its "Tokyo Ghoul" but executed in a different way. There is always something new to expect from this one and it doesn't disappoint. It's a must watch, especially for those horror genre lovers like me.


It's..Just..Amazing..!! Who know the feeling that "Tokyo Ghoul OP" gave you? Well It's on that level, it will give you goosebumps (the good one). "Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas" did an amazing job on the OP. Just listen to it twice, 3 times, over and over again. The ED gives you that "everything will be fine, it's over" feeling after a good episode fill with gore and horror. Great soundtrack on this one.
Hope there are many horror anime lovers here!
Hope You Enjoy!~
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I read the word "worm" and NOPED OUT. Sorry worms creep me OUT so much!
@poojas aww but this one's amazing!!ly horrorific and gory ^^
i love this anime
I have an issue with this anime...body distortions make my skin crawl!!!! But I wish I could watch it without cringing every two seconds! :-(
@JoyYvette Yeah it'll do that :S Try watching it with a friend! It might help ^^