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Well, I kind of expected to hear kpop songs since I was at my local Korean market and they play a mix of trot, kpop, and American pop music. I was pushing the cart around and then all of a sudden View started playing so obviously I started singing along but then the chorus came along and I subconsciously started dancing along. There were people looking at me and I probably looked like a chicken (one of the only parts of the choreo that I can do is that one ^) but I honestly didn't care.
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@KatieShiminski Right? especially if you know the lyrics or the dance isn't too hard
Especially if it's your favorite song from your favorite group you just can't control the feels
yo that's my sonngggg
i would so do that too!!!
I was at a sushi restaurant the other day and Married to the Music started playing and your sweet ass I rocked out to it. It was great, the waitress thought it was hilarious and was super nice to us the rest of the time we were there.