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Well, I kind of expected to hear kpop songs since I was at my local Korean market and they play a mix of trot, kpop, and American pop music. I was pushing the cart around and then all of a sudden View started playing so obviously I started singing along but then the chorus came along and I subconsciously started dancing along. There were people looking at me and I probably looked like a chicken (one of the only parts of the choreo that I can do is that one ^) but I honestly didn't care.
Especially if it's your favorite song from your favorite group you just can't control the feels
I know how you feel. One of the thing I've learned with kpop is that its impossible to stop yourself from randomly singing or dancing to a song u love.
i would so do that too!!!
yo that's my sonngggg
I was at a sushi restaurant the other day and Married to the Music started playing and your sweet ass I rocked out to it. It was great, the waitress thought it was hilarious and was super nice to us the rest of the time we were there.
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