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For those who don't know, I'm a HUGE anime music fan~ I live and watch anime to listen to all the different amazing OST! This is a new collection where I bring you the best (at least try to) "Anime-related music". It can be songs from Anime or Japanese novelty. So without further ado Le' Go!

Sword Art Online Opening 1

One of the most recognized openings nowadays, it's one of the best opening songs out there. It's aggressive but at the same time very emotional creating a perfect balance. Tell me you didn't skip the opening just to listen to LiSAs voice. Every time she sings an anime song I go all FANBOY-MODE, I just can't help it. A song that even people who hate SAO recognize and might even like.
Here's the Original Version which is even better! Just relax and enjoy~
@littlemaryk lol me too. :) @RosePark, of course it will be amazing! I look forward to seeing how many songs we already have in common... But even better, I can't wait to find new songs that you suggest. ^.^
@ButterflyBlu Its gonna be amazing!! I hope lol @littlemaryk youre not the only one xD
YES I love anime music and Crossing Fields is amazing. I downloaded it asap upon hearing it. I may have danced partied to it a bit also hah
You know I love this idea!!!! <3
@poojas yeah LiSA is great T.T but I think she over reacts in her MVs lol
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