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Article: A's reps, "Kim Hyun Joong's reps rejected our offer to take the DNA test together"

1. [+332, -41] A violation of the human rights of the woman and her child? Legally, he needs to prove that the child is his for him to take any sort of responsibility for it so obviously the court's ordering a DNA test... and that's somehow a violation of their human rights??? If anything, that woman is the one violating her own child's rights.
2. [+303, -64] Just be honest, that kid isn't his, is it
3. [+228, -40] Is there a reason she wants him to be with them at the DNA test?? She scared he's going to change the DNA reslts??? There are tons of ways for him to do that already, just go and take the test already!!!!!!!!!
4. [+44, -9] I honestly do think it's his kid but the woman is getting dirty with her media play... the responsibility is divided but she's turning his image into trash after already receiving a 600 million won from him. She just wants more... I don't know if she's a chaebol or not but 600 million is a lot of cash..
5. [+26, -10] Why would he want to meet her? It's obvious she's going to try to work him up so she can record him saying nasty stuff. She's totally the type to do that. As if he'd want to meet her face to face.
6. [+26, -25] I don't think people understand what's going on ㅋㅋㅋ what the woman's side is saying is that instead of all this media play Kim Hyun Joong is doing, she'd rather the three of them get the DNA test together at the hospital. She never said she was not going to take the test at all.
7. [+23, -15] I understand where the woman's coming from. I'd rather take the test with him and see the results for myself instead of exchanging pieces of paper that who knows can be manipulated.

Article: A's reps, "We are distraught about Kim Hyun Joong's press conference, it's a violation of the human rights of the woman and her child"

1. [+1,284, -65] Kim Hyun Joong's reps are right. They're not married, of course they should get a DNA test. If she has nothing to hide, why won't she do it? If I were her, I'd be the first one to take the test and prove myself. What a weird woman.
2. [+542, -23] What is she crying about human rights for... just go take the test. If the child is his, he said he'd take responsibility for it so what is she holding back for...
3. [+292, -13] What's wrong with her... why won't she get the DNA test? Why would he give money to a kid he doesn't even know is his? They're both dumb but that woman is even more hopeless.
4. [+74, -7] She does realize that revealing their private text messages are also a violation of his human rights? ㅋㅋ
5. [+65, -7] They're not even married so of course Kim Hyun Joong would want a DNA test to confirm that the kid is his... how is that a violation of her human right?
6. [+60, -5] It's funny that it's the woman's side arguing human rights when she's the one who put the baby at the forefront of this entire battle
7. [+60, -7] I'm sure her lawyers feel just as ridiculous about this statement as we do... ㅋㅋㅋ the woman is the one using the baby to extort all sorts of money which is supposedly okay but Kim Hyun Joong asking for a DNA test is a human rights violation? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
8. [+56, -5] The reason Kim Hyun Joong is asking for a DNA test is not because he thinks the child isn't his but because he needs legal proof in order for him to take responsibility of the child. I don't know how she expects him to take responsibility without proof that the child is his.


Source: Naver
1. [+9,372, -1,123] I'm not sure what part of this they're arguing is a human rights violation... I'm sure any other lawyer in the same field as this woman's lawyer is embarrassed right now.
2. [+8,243, -956] If anyone's violating human rights here, it's the woman. She's the one who released private text messages first.
3. [+6,925, -1,008] The woman's lawyers is arguing human rights violation....... seriously... are they seriously...... someone please shut this lawyer up......
4. [+6,239, -773] Why would Kim Hyun Joong want to see her right now? It's so frustrating how her lawyers are always beating around the bush and changing the subject. Her revealing their private texts is okay??? Right now, Kim Hyun Joong's looking a lot more logical than them.
5. [+4,899, -360] The lawyers are making more TV appearances than the stars themselves. The lawyers will become celebrities at this rate.
6. [+1,571, -72] Are these guys really lawyers? He can only act as the baby's father after it's been proven that he's the father... just go and get the test already. I'm not sure why they're holding out so long.
7. [+1,499, -54] This would all be over with one DNA test so I have no idea why it's being delayed. Dragging it out this long can't be good for their mental health. Just end and get compensated for what needs to be compensated, apologize, and move on with your lives...
8. [+1,457, -111] I hope that the woman and her lawyers realize that everything they've done to Kim Hyun Joong so far is a violation of his human rights.
i think the reason the woman is holding back on the DNA test because if he turns out to not be the father she'll have to give the money back and she will look bad and a lawyer really has nothing to say the only thing they do is fight for who ever is paying them even if the person is right or wrong thats there job and plus if asking for a DNA test is against human rights it would be the kids cause there taking blood from him/her but he has every right to ask for DNA test i say they should get Marie in this idk if i spelled his name right but oh well hopefully you know what im talking about and sorry about my first comment i didnt read this all the way i just saw his face and was like ik this guy but yea he has every right to do it
I just hope evrything gets sorted out and KHJ doesnt have to deal anynore damage than he already has. I wish she wouldnt go after his reputation but its not like the Triple S are gonna stop supporting him eaither way. Fighting KHJ! everything will eventually get better
Honestly, this whole situation makes me feel sick. I still believe Hyun-Joong is an amazing person. Him and his music (along with the rest of SS501) have saved me from countless of panic attacks and depression from severe social anxiety. It makes me sick to see his reputation destroyed over something that I don't believe is his fault.
all i can say is it's good to see that ppl are finally seeing through her bull shit. if she was confident the baby was his she would have done the test the day it was born. she knows she's being put up on CRIMINAL CHARGES for blackmail defamation and extortion! she can't delay that anymore now that her baby is born. her media play is a SMOKE SCREEN to distract ppl from the fact that she is being sued and has even been forbidden to leave the country by the SK courts as a Criminal Suspect! All her petty civil suits pale in importance. She will be going to jail. hopefully so will her incompetent lawyer.
I am sure that law in South Korean are the same as any other country about this issue of paternity so. I don't think this woman is going to get away with it.. in any case whatever she is doing to bring him down is not going to work. what goes around comes around.
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