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My youngest son just moved into his big boy room and doesn't have to share with his big brother anymore so we threw a sleepover for him
I set up a bunch of games for them to play with just some common things you can find around the house
It was cheap, easy and best of all they had a blast
Little boys can get out of control quickly if you don't have a plan
For dinner it was mini-pizzas made by them. This is a easy and fun way to feed a house full of kids. You just take English muffins, spaghetti sauce, cheese, and all their favorite toppings. Let them build their own pizzas, then bake them for 15min at 350°f Dessert was ice cream and Korean Choco-pies (kinda a Korean version of the moon-pie)
Then we made Spiders and Ghost Hallowe'en decorations with some pipe-cleaners, Styrofoam balls, tissue paper, markers, glue, and googly eyes
Now everything is over and time to unwind with some Netflix and soon it will be time for bed
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@RobertMarsh i'm nominating you for Dad of the Year
2 years ago·Reply
awe, thanks @jeff4122
2 years ago·Reply
@jeff4122 @RobertMarsh I'll vote for you, Rob! ^.^
2 years ago·Reply
awe...that means a lot to me @ButterflyBlu
2 years ago·Reply
This was seriously awesome. Reminds me a lot of the parties my parents used to throw for me and the kids in the neighborhood. Budget-friendly, but also super creative. And I would be so down for a dinner of mini pizzas and choco-pies.
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