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Jay Park was originally part of 2 pm then latet split off to go solo. Also has an incredible body~^^
Amazing b-boy skills!!
Sick beats, creative and fresh!
I want to know peoples opinion about Jay Park. I personally love him and own both his CDs but I feel he gets mixed reviews. What do you guys think??
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The thirst is so real!
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I have mixed feelings about him. Too bad he and the 2 PM members don't have a better relationship. More went on then we fans will probably ever know.
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I really like Jay, and how he has come through all of his hardships. It makes my heart happy to see him doing what he loves!
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i really love him. he has great songs and hes gorgeous but most of all he is really funny on snl
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I'm so in love with Jay. He was the one who got me into kpop. So handsom, way too sexy, super talented, and a total goofball. His songs are amazing but sometimes the lyrics make me giggle cuz it sounds like he doesn't know what he's talking about lol
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