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This is my most recent drawing I've done. My friends @SunnyV and @deemonster100 convinced me to make a Vingle and I'd love to make some new friends ❤
Hey welcome to the community of vingle!!! I know you'll find friends here really quick and they'll share the same interests as you ^^ @TaeMinniesWife @kpopandkimchi, @poojas, @RosePark, @ButterflyBlu, @kpoplover1995, @B1A4BTS5ever, @danidee, @VinMcCarthy, @alywoah, @allischaaff -we have a new vingler :D I tagged all of you because you know what to do with new vinglers ^^
Wohooo!! Thanks for the tag, @RaquelArredondo! ....@TaeMinniesWife WELCOME to Vingle. You're SUPER talented! I wish I can draw like that. I know another Vingler who likes to draw too and that's @TessStevens. I hope you like it here at Vingle (the most awesome place everr!). <3 <3
hello welcome to vingle hope you like it here you can be as weird as you want we dont judge hahaha welcome to the family
*hugs* @ButterflyBlu and One of my favorites has to be Ouran highschool Host Club and Free! cx @RosePark
Thank you everyone~ ^^ you're all so very sweet c: and @ButterflyBlu im from a town in Texas c:
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