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Okay so my freind just a few minutes ago sent me a pic where it calms that Exos Kai is leaving cause of family issues ;~;
I wish I could make this face at her and be like ~Ay girl y u lieing unnnn y u lieing stop lieing~ but I can't cause my freind loves Kai and is so done with Exo if he leaves. So I need answers is this true? Will Kai really leave Exo? If so what's gonna happen to the rest of the remaining members ? So I ask of any fellow kpopers GIVE ME ANSWERS I BEGG OF U !!!!
GUYS THANK @PassTheSuga thankfully they were very wise *-* and confiremnd that this is all a lie and me and my freind got trolled XD Shally am party till sun down cause am so happy even if Lay is my Exo baise am happy to now my eye candy isn't leaving *-* he made my life goal to become the floor .....
@sugamysoulmate No he doesn't's a dead giveaway that this rumor is booshit.
probably fake but seriously if anyone else leaves exo SM is getting a strongly worded letter from me because I already don't like them for how they treated tao and luhan
nah this is fake and old. I asked my professional kpop friend and she said it's fake. Big give away is that he doesn't have a twittet
@Roxy1903 ohhhh noooooo *hugs* @AuraKyoshiro maybe edit the card title to I GOT TROLLED lol
Wait wtf you can't do this to me man, I hate who evet did this I am literally bawling my eyes out, my family thinks one of our family members died WHAT THE FUCK *continues to cry*
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