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My brother just showed me an interesting video about The Matrix. We hashed it out, but now I want your opinions? Check it out below and let's hear what you think.
Well? Who is it? I know what I think... what about you?
this entire theory is predicated on the theorist's incorrect interpretation of the original prophecy, about how the one must be born within the matrix - he assumes that the one must be LITERALLY born within the matrix, in keeping with the original One. which isn't true. The original one wasn't born inside the matrix in a literal sense, he would've been born in one of those pods like the rest of humanity who were put into the matrix. it all kind of falls apart for me from there.
I don't think I buy this. It's an interesting theory, but I don't think it works anywhere but hindsight. Plus, the original intent of the Matrix was to make an action movie that was also a metaphor for social constructs. Will Smith was the first choice for Neo, but he ended up doing something else instead. It was a metaphor for systemic racism and other systemic prejudices. Which... wouldn't really work if Smith was the one to end it