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17. What was your first impression of each member?
Day 17 out of 30 I'm going to go with my overall all impression...... OMG. Literally they were all so different (In a awesome way) it just made me love them before I even knew their names! *First thoughts while watching my very first VIXX video... Hyde* N: That eyeliner is on point! OMG and that red hair though! He's the first dark skinned one I've seen in a group! Leo: He looks like professor Snape from Harry Potter! He still cute though! That high note could end world hunger tbh Ravi: Hello handsome. Nice arms. His voice is amazing! His hair is different, but I'm cool with it! Ken: Aww his ears are cute! He looks tough in this one. I wonder if he is the youngest! Hyuk & Hongbin: I literally can't tell them apart! (it took me 3 weeks to tell them apart for some reason ┐(´д`)┌)
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It took me two years to tell them apart, don't feel bad. I had the hardest time with Hyuk and Hongbin
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LOL i love the reaction to ravi. "Hello, Handsome."
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