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I love comedy, so Deadpool duck you for making me love your avocado face and that tight looking hiney Oh and the guns and the swords! sploosh! I guess a girl can have plenty of fictional boyfriends for different reasons!
Alright, you are in avocado face!
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He's always been one of my favorites. Him and that smart ass mouth of his
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@LAVONYORK I hope you were able to get some sleep. <3
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Lol @LAVONYORK you just have a crush on everyone XD
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Just usually the crazy (deadpool) lurker (Batman) bad guy (Thanos and Apcoplyse) and evil trying to be good spawn (sexy accent with chivalry and can kick ass) Thor. Notice, there is only one DC character lmfao
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there's a stewie picture somewhere for that "duck you" to deadpool
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