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Hello my beautiful, Vinglers! So, I decided to compile a small list of my favorite communities. Some of which you might have heard about, some of which you might have not. Vingle has A LOT OF communities -- all of which are AMAZING!

Here are some of the communities I enjoy on the daily! <3

1) The Food Community

2) The Fitness Community

3) The Latino Food Community

4) The Social Consciousness Community

5) The Latino Culture Community

You guys are awesome! <3

Just joined the Latino food community! :)
@Karencorchado you need to tell your husband to come back to Vingle because we have sports lol.
Yes @alywoah!!! You're the best. Thanks again!
Thank you for all your great fitness cards @alywoah!!! I love all those communities plus the "Sports" community too! If there are any fellow sports fans out there, shoot me a message!
YES!!!!! It's Natalie! Her videos are awesome....and maybe...i did that on purpose ;) :P @melifluosmelodi
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