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Hulks are bad ass all the way around but each has their own temperament. Some can smash your face others might think about it. So let's enter the Hulk world !
Robert Burce Banner Mean Green fighting machine that was created by gamma radiation he is he is seen as a monster by most. honestly when you look at him you would be scared too. under all that gamma radiation, there's a smart scientist named Bruce Banner. in the Hulk share the same body, when Bruce gets really angry The Hulk takes over. He has been seen with the Avengers. And course he has been seen on his own.
Sorry guys, I'm still working on the other hulks! I did not realize there was a grey hulk until I took a quiz.. I found out something I already knew, I need anger management lol. Still a baby when it comes to Vingle and certain comics and time lines blowing my mind! Xoxo love to all my Vingle people!
Thaddeus E. "Thunderbolt" Ross aka The Red Hulk Ross worked for the US Military Force as the head of the Gamma Bomb project that turned Burce into the Hulk! Yikes! He is the father of Betsy Ross and Bruce Banner 's father in law (Yikes, the drama). With the bomb going off turning Banner into the Hulk, Ross made it his mission to capture the monster green hulk (poor Burcey). Thus making in a real enemy to the Hulk. He eventually figured out that Burce and the Hulk were one, but that did not stop his hunt. It came to the point that he even committed treason from the military (air force) and formed an alignment with Abomination and MODOK (man, he was heated)
Ross needed a leg up on the Hulk, remember he is a mean green fighting machine and he is full of rage and at this time, Ross was just a human with great military success and skill. He after his alignment that was a dud, he aligned himself with SHELD and was recruited. To combat the Hulk he ended up bonding with an electric creature making him the Red Hulk. Still working
@shannonl5 of course we can. This ain't Highlander my dear, there's always room for more than one!
This is great! I feel like I'm She-Hulk, though @AimeeH might already have that title... can we share? lol
@vinmccarty I have part of the red hulk done. Oh to the stuff I learned! Lol
@shannonl5 me too!
@AimeeH I would totally watch that movie!
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