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Nabi sat across from him staring into her coffee as he talked about everything that was going on with him. She was mostly listening but part of her attention was focused on a scenario that was playing over and over in her head. Each one had a different ending. She took a sip and looked up at Yoongi making eye contact to show him she was still listening. He smiled so brightly at her as he continued talking, god that smile could kill her. Yoongi was usually quiet when they were all hanging out but every time they were together, just them, he would talk so much to her. It was really getting to her but she didn’t mind. “So what do you have going on tomorrow? It’s your off day right?” Yoongi was genuinely curious about what she does. “Ah I promised Kookie I’d take him to the arcade. You know how little brothers can be.* “Yea they are all the same whether they are blood brothers or not.” Just then their sandwiches came out that they ordered. Nabi tried her best to eat as civilized as she could manage not wanting to embarrass herself. Yoongi just chowed down like he hadn’t eaten in days. They sat there quietly as they ate and she couldn’t help but notice the way he was watching her. It made her uncomfortable to have someone watch her eat but she didn’t want to seem rude by telling him to stop. When they were finished eating he paid they left the café and he offered to walk her home. She of course said yes she always liked the company especially after the other night. The wind blew hard, much colder than yesterday, and she pulled her jacket tighter buttoning it up. She felt hand fixing her scarf higher on her face. It wasn’t just him, all of the boys took such good care of her making sure she was never to cold. They made it to her gate and she opened it before walking with Yoongi to the front door. She unlocked it but didn’t open it yet. She didn’t want this walk to end so soon. “What are you doing tomorrow anyway? I never asked.” Nabi was trying so hard to find something to talk about. “Hmm I’m not sure probably just sleeping it. If you want I can meet you guys at the arcade.” “Yea that would be great! I mean I’m sure Jungkook would love someone else there to spoil him too.” She sounded like a complete idiot. What was she doing he just had to say it. What was the worse that could happen? “Well I should go so you can get out of the cold.” Yoongi started walking to the gate and she panicked. “Yoongi-ah! I…….” Yoongi turned to look at her his eyes piercing her heart. “I’ll see you tomorrow alright….” She wanted to kick herself as soon as the words came out. “Yea see you tomorrow.” And just like that he disappeared behind the gate. The moment he was gone she pulled out her phone and sent a text to someone she just had to talk to. ‘Come over now……Emergency!!!!!!!!!!!!!’
@shannonl5 did you read the rest of them?
@SarahHawkins yeah! I'm enjoying them all. And I'm gonna follow the collection so I won't miss any!
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