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Not my work of course but who does not like to laugh! Btw when it comes to gaming systems Xbox 360 at the moment, there is a his and hers. His 4gig of space with an USB for more space.. Hers 500 gig right off the bat. I gamer b*tch. And I like download DLCs 2 Xbox ones will be coming in the house when I heal up from my kidney transplant and get back to work. Yes, I will buy two because I really don't like sharing and in the event something happens I can only blame myself or Microsoft!
None of the lovely gif files belong to me but they are awesome!
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RE6 can be annoying at times, especially the Piers and Chris part but it could truly be fun with Co op with the right person!
@LAVONYORK i cant wait for BL3 the preseaquel was good but i cant wait for all those vaults to be mine
and im a ps player all ways have been
I was a Playstation person up until the 360. Then I met GoW and passed out since lol. I did have the Psp, PS3 as well. The game I am really waiting for is Mass effect 4 and also GoW 4
Wait I forgot, the district!!