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Hi I'm back....do you love kpop?do you love a certain member in a kpop group?
yes? well i have an account on tumblr?
surprising?no? well okay then.....well I'm doing a talk to your bias AND scenario requests....yup
maybe go follow? and request? I'm going to sleep and hoping to receive alot of requests
it's kpoplover16257......please follow to those who have tumblr if not go make one and request
yes I probably just wasted your time but hey I follow back and advertise to share other blogs so what do you have to lose
so anyeong go request I'll fulfill then when I awake from my slumber(its 3:27 am)
and enjoy this girl she is hilarious bye bye
can we request here too though? I dont do tumblr :(
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sure yeah I'll do it on here too
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i don't do tumblr either!
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