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Sexual assault is a very real thing that happens to one in five women on college campuses in the United States.
Today, Gaga returned to music to share a heart-breaking song and video created to aid in the fight against sexual assault and harsh realities of college, highlighting the harrowing experiences it can yield.
This video is a brilliant PSA regarding respect for survivors of rape and sexual assault. It is open, respectful and hard hitting.
The video is graphic, raw and completely realistic. It showcases different people dealing with sexual assault and the aftermath.
The emotional tone is almost too much to watch, but that is why it's important. Feeling uncomfortable and threatened in your own skin is horrific. This happens to many people, and too much. In college I remember feeling unsafe and victimized a few times.

People hide pain under even the happiest faces.

Gaga did a great thing, by sharing this video, this song, and the power of music in an attempt for real change.
The song captures the detriment of blase attitudes derived by people who think "oh it won't happen to it doesn't matter."
Gaga does not appear anywhere in the video, and lets the subject, tone and song speak for her. This is the mark of advocating for a cause on a very real level.
I have always been impressed by Gaga. I believe she is a new breed of star, one that shines bright because of her pure intentions, her kind heart and her awareness of the world. This video is going to trend, and create a big dialogue surrounding real issues. This video is important.
Open the dialogue. Create change. Do more.
Thank you Gaga, for this.

This is why music can open doors for tangible and incredible awareness and change. Music touches those who are lost, music saves.

I wasn't sexually assaulted in college but as a young girl and this video hit me HARD! I love Lady Gaga, she's not afraid to put her shit out there.
So at the end of the video my through was closing up and tears were welling up in my eyes. I was proud to see that those people have support and people who truly love them to help them through it. This is so really and terrifying,m. No I have never gone through this, but I know that feeling useless is never okay for ANYONE to feel. So it really is important to surround yourself with people that you love, that that way you will have a safety net to fall back on.
@TessStevens for sure. She's not doing this because it's a "trendy" issue, she's doing it because she has a platform that she can use to help people that are often isolated or ignored
Yes @shannonl5 and it blatantly isn't a pandering trying to look really knowledgeable about issues to make more money? It's genuine and you can tell just in the production and the honest portrayal. It's remarkable.
This is such a powerful video. You're right @nicolejb so many people relate to Lady Gaga because her music is so powerful, so it's really inspiring to see her using that influence to try and make the world better. @KhrystinaLee you're so right, and I think the more people that echo what you're saying the safer people will be
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