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Dearest @danidee, this is my entry for the The Vingle Hunger Games contest:

A twizzted tale of love so sweet,

Meet the candy whips I love to eat.

Twizzlers are wonderful, pleasing to the tongue,

and loved by many - old and young!

In flavors delicious - all tried and true -

Cherry, Strawberry, and Chocolate, too.

There's Fruit Punch, Lemonade, Watermelon, and... Black,(That's the only flavor I'll be sending back!)

Gimme Classic Twizzlers, or the Pull'n'Peel,

And even the ones that are jelly filled.

I love Bites or Nibs, I'll take them anywhere!

I love them so much that I just don't care!

You can decorate with them or even make art.

They're the best of candies, clear off the charts!

Oh, my Twizzlers, how I love them so!

As snacks are rated, they're the best, I know.

I may be addicted, but don't worry about that,

Because every Twizzler is low in fat!

They're the perfect snack, those twizzts so great!

Now gimme my Twizzlers, I just can't wait! <3

(I do not own any of the photos! Final art piece by deviant artist Siebop.)
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This is wonderful!!!!
BEST one yet. Of course, I too LOVE them! 馃槏
@mchlyang @JPBenedetto Awwww, thank you both! 鈽猴笍
This is so beautiful. I just applauded at my screen.
LOL @Danidee. Thank you! Thank you!! ^.^ <3