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So I bet all of you heard of BTS' absence right? Well one of my friends sent me something that might be true. But my phone was being such a butt that I had to type it all. Its actually Kik's fault though... Prepare yourselves... 3 2 1 Big Hit is being EXTREMELY smart about this, because, I'm sure that everyone has noticed BTS' absence as far as social media? They haven't updated in 5 days, now going on 6. This is to give the illusion that the boys are really gone. That it was all just within Jin's memory since, we the fans, are seeing everything through Jin's point of view, we are experiencing what he felt, realizing they are all gone. With the boys acting as if they're gone in real life, it gives us the feeling of longing and that emotional connection if not knowing if they're okay, or where they are just like Jin. Do you think Big Hit is doing this on purpose? Do you think its right for them to do it? What I think is that BTS and Big Hit are taking shock to a whole new level. @poojas @kpopandkimchi @PassTheSuga @AimeeH I legit can't remember that many awesome names, so...can you guys tag them for me? Pweassee. credits to the person who wrote this! you are a smart kookie! (you see what I did there?)
why is this the only crying gif I have?
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If it is true then I'm even more scared for their next comeback! @XeroB20
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OooooooooMmmmmmmmmmGgggggggg!!!!! that's heartbreaking!!!!! @nate1226
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omg wow how can they i needed jin this whole 6 days y bts y 〒_〒
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BigHit are trolling on YG's seriously YG turns me into an emotional wreck every time they have a campaign leading up to a comeback or debut...and now BigHit wanna play these games too 0.0 I'm not sure if I'm gonna survive this
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