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Why is it an issue? If this kid was non-Native with a mohawk, would he have been sent home as well? I mean really, what is the big deal? Native kids being sent home for wearing braids, for knowing and speaking their own language... Talk about oppression.
This is such an important thing to bring up. I think sometimes people assume that forced assimilation is something we left behind in the 50s but that's not the case at all. He wasn't hurting anyone, he was expressing his identity.
Was this the story about a kid getting in trouble for having a mohawk? I don’t understand how this happens in the U.S. still! ugh
this country won't be satisfied until everyone is under the boot of 'assimilation'. I fundamentally don't understand how schools still get away with treating students like this.
@ButterflyBlu The link is under the photo, its small. It happened in St. George, Utah.
Do you have a link to the article? Where did this happen?