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Hello Vinglers!
Todays song is dedicated to those who are in love and those who love the "feels".

Endless Tears by CLIFF EDGE ft. Maiko Nakamura

Today I woke up and I grab my phone plug my earphones (I do this every morning) and was in the mood of something emotional and I remembered this song. It's a combination of J-rap+J-Ballad but oh boy....the feels are real in this one T.T I don't always cry while listening to music, but when I do, I become the definition of "cry me a river". For this one, plug in your headphones, close your eyes and listen~ or watch the video which makes you even more emotional.
Original Video as well for your pleasure~
Close Your Eyes and Listen!~
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@RaquelArredondo same here with the anime haha I have to finish what I start. As for the mixed feelings read the manga it mught help you to not be so mixed lol
@RosePark hahaha awesome! Alright thanks I will read it cx
this one to
love her voice
@ValerieOmokhua isnt it great?