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Jamie Beck's Cinemagraphs
Photographer: Jamie Beck Collaboration with: Kevin Burg [http://fromme-toyou.tumblr.com/] These are absolutely lovely.
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No, sis. It was bad. It was horrible! My parents made me watch it when I was little...by myself...in a dark room. I've never looked at clowns and those gutters in the side of the road the same anymore. XD Hahahaha! Yes, the book was really scary.
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OMG, you poor thing, you were traumatized. i shouldnt LOL but hahhahahah...im sure if you watch "IT" now, you'll realize it wasnt such a big deal but as a child yes, i can see how it was disturbing.
5 years ago·Reply
It's true, I was. Sniff. Um...*cough*. I did try re-watching it again last year. I didn't get far at all. Maybe, I'm just relieving all the old feelings. Hahahaha! It's so sad.
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its okay sis....ill hold your hand next time if you ever try watching it again......BUT if we're adventuring into caves and whatnot.....hmm, you're on your own, lolz....
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Awww, you're so sweet...than-what? So, you'll just leave me?! ROFL!!! I know, I know, I've been warned. It's okay. I'd rather you be there for "It." LOL!
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