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Any of these three tutus seems like they'd be big enough, right?! Maybe I should get more than one and layer them...or maybe that would be total overkill :D

Do you think they'd all work?? Or is there one you like more?

I need to look up the sizing on each, but I think they would all be ok as long as they will fit and are affordable. Everything is pretty cheap on Taobao, though, so I think that'll be ok!
Most of my lolita-loving friends would probably prefer if I called this a petticoat, but I'm shopping to tutus! Why? To make my Nozomi cosplay of this dress as bouncy and wonderful as the real life Nozomis (she's the one in purple!!)
Once again, if you'd like to keep following my insanity as I try to bring my cosplays for Katsucon 2016 to life, check out my collection "End Goal: Katsucon 2016."