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On a beautiful day as this i always think back when my son's were young.My heaven and your heaven. I have six boys.We would go out hiking, trying to find a secluded place for a small picnic. In the middle of nowhere or in the mountains we would put a blanket, &some food.While the boys ran around finding interesting things like flowers, insects, animals, tracks anything & everything. Mama an i would join them. Gathering them together, we would explain &show them the relevance of their state, trying to figure how, what, when, & where. I saw then,.. as i will always remember now, their little minds working. Curious & interested we were shaping their curiosity, their love an respect for all things living around us..... An eternal instant in time that had no time. A picture that froze, demanding to be savored. A minute that refused to die. A moment that was lifted off the timeline & amplified into a forever so angels witness its Majesty. A moment that can make your eyes water thinking of it! A moment that reminds you of the treasures around you!