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I'm interested in your answers!! My answer: Help him with finding his classes, make the best of friends, tell him everybody is evil except me(ㅋㅋ jk), eat with him if he wants, make him comfortable, and let him do his thing. I can't stay with him 24/7 ㅅㅅ
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I would make friends with him, but not too fast like, "Hey! How ya doin? My name's Elizabeth. Wanna be my best friend?!" But sorta like, "Hi, my name's Elizabeth. Are you new here?" And start a conversation that ends in marriage. 😜
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make him feel welcome and help him out
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I'm a shy person - so I'll just avoid him at all cost...even if he us my UB....
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try my hardest to get to know him just like I so with everyone
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