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So because this is my Senior year in High School, I've been trying to be dedicated and leave off social media just so I can graduate and get accepted to a College/University.
Obviously, as a K-Popper, I failed...but I also failed in persevering from listening to the rookies....
So here's a card on my opinions over the rookies ^^ (I forgot to put Seventeen but if you want me to make a card over my thoughts of them, please comment...or not ^^)

Luhan- That Good Good

I watched the video of his choreo and stuff before the M/V release and I thought, "how is his solo debut gonna look like?" I didn't think the choreo was all that good despite that it was just them practicing.
When I finally watched the M/V I cried at how amazing and cool he looked!! The song is so damn catchy that he must be in my phone!! I haven't listened to his album yet but I think I have to.
The choreo came out better than I thought. He was too flawless man!! BUT we have to give credits to his make-up artist cuz he looked hella fine! He definitely got That Good Good~

DAY6- Congratulations

These guys gave me a CNBLUE feel and I completely loved it!!! THANK YOU JYP FOR THESE MEN!!
The message to the song is magnificent! I mean like so many people can relate to this *cough cough* Jimin *cough cough* and at one point wanted to say this. Their voices only made it sound beautiful yet sad? ><
Anyways (don't know what I'm saying at this point), but guess what? These boys also earned a spot in my phone ^_^ they deserve it big time!! Congratulations guys!!

iKON- My Type

This is My Type of song guys!!! I had so many feels!! I'm not a YG stan and I hesitated to listen to this but since many people were hyped about it, I took a risk and I DO NOT REGRET IT!!!!
Thinking about it now, for some reason I feel like they're the Asian version of the Fat Albert crew haha (what the hell am I saying?! Lord please help me!!) They also got a spot in my phone! And they are the only YG artists in my phone :O
Any who, did someone else wanted that Skittles-looking body pillow cuz you know what? I want it!!! it looks so comfy!!!

UP10TION- So Dangerous

Any TOP MEDIA stans here? Cuz I am!!
I was wondering why 100% was on break and stuff, I even thought that they were waiting for their leader that is coming back on December. But I guess TOP MEDIA was debuting these boys. TOTES WORTH IT!!!!
I miss 100% and all but these boys man!!!! What got my attention is that I'm a noona to 2 of them!!!! :O I'M FINALLY A NOONA GUYS!!!!!
These boys also got a spot in my phone because they are awesome and cute and because their hyungs are also in my phone so I need them ^^ They're So Dangerous that I basically pushed my homework away because they're just so funny! XD
What I noticed is that the groups who are most in sync come from TOP MEDIA :O Andy, what do you do to train them so well?!?!
I just thought of this, if you want me to start making cards over my K-Pop reviews, you can request M/Vs for me to watch.
But please not the ones I have a Collection from or B.A.P, SNSD, Girls Day, Red Velvet, and Orange Caramel. I've already watched their M/V's.
If y'all want me to continue this, note that I will do the reviews on Saturdays or Sundays since those are the only times I'm free from school (well about 25% free since I have homework, College and scholarship Applications that I have to do TT_TT)
WOOO! *high five* @3SecondsOfHope
thanks @sherrysahar ^^ I'll try hard
@KpopaGaby FIGHTINGGG damn the the addictive drug of KPOP hate and love feeling its soo hard to let go lol even for a while but study hardddd and make us and ur oppas pround good Luck :) <3 and ur reviews R COOOL keep it up only if u can
loving day6 too!!