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So earlier my aunt dropped by for a visit. I was sitting at the table on twitter and she walked over to me to give me a hug. Well on my lap top screen was a picture of suga that someone took of him at an event and my aunt asked me who he was. Joking, I told her he's my boyfriend. For some reason she believed me and was like oh wow he's so cute.
Its been like 2 hours since she arrived and she still believes suga is my boyfriend lol
@MichelleIbarra yeah i dont want to go to the next family barbecue and have all of my cousins ask me who my boyfriend is and ask why they have never seen him before lol. That would be terrible
@sugajin94 true Lol my sister was going to tell my whole family
@MichelleIbarra My aunt still thinks the same and i feel so bad about it too. I really didnt think she would believe me but apparently i was dead wrong lol
I once did that too my sister with Suga as well she asked me so many questions and I felt bad so I never told her that he's an idol. To this day, she still thinks he's my boyfriend 😂
my uncle was like that with jin for me.
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