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It’s something every woman has, and that’s been crucial in getting people to read this – a vagina. Sometimes not all that easy to talk about because our culture laughs and giggles about private parts (unfortunately), but today we thought we’d share some cool facts about the vagina in this article while raising awareness about cervical cancer, as it’s important we know the early warning signs so we can stay healthy.
The infographic below was created by the people over at HB Health of Knightsbridge for your viewing and learning pleasure.
To learn more about cervical cancer you can read below or click here. But for now, it’s time to find out the 10 things you didn’t know about vaginas!
1. Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding
Abnormal vaginal bleeding between periods, after intercourse, or after menopause. Although this could be due to other medical conditions, it is a telltale sign of possible cervical cancer. If you are experiencing abnormal bleeding between periods or after sexual intercourse then you definitely want to contact your doctor.
2. Unusual Vaginal Discharge
If you are experiencing abnormal vaginal discharge, it could be a result of bacterial vaginosis, menopause symptoms, or yeast infection. It could also be harmless, but significant changes in discharge are still worth getting checked out.
If the smell is very foul, becomes a more common occurrence, or is brownish, heavy, pale, or blood-tinged, it could be a sign of cervical cancer. It could also be a sign of various other conditions. Again, if this is happening contact your doctor right away.
3. Discomfort While Urinating
Pain during urination can be a sign of cervical cancer, this is a symptom that usually occurs when the cancer has already spread to the bladder. In most cases, however, this type of pain is a sign of something far less serious, like a urinary tract infection.
4. Pain During Sex
Discomfort during sexual intercourse could also be another sign. Again, just to reiterate, many of these symptoms signify a far less worrisome issue, but you never know, especially if you are experiencing multiple symptoms at once. Pain during sex can be a late onset symptom of cervical cancer, and could indicate that the cancer has spread throughout the reproductive organs and tissues.
5. Heavier & Longer Menstrual Periods
Abnormal and heavier menstrual periods are another sign of cervical cancer. Irritation of the cervix, possibly due to cervical cancer, can also occur.
6. Loss of Bladder Control
Bladder control is a big issue when it comes to cervical cancer, and it’s one area of the body where cervical cancer commonly spreads. People with cervical cancer often experience loss of bladder control as well as a hint of blood discharge during urination.
7. Body Pain
A common symptom of cervical cancer is body pains, more specifically, pain in the leg, back, and/or pelvis. Women with cervical cancer often experience swelling of the legs, because the cancer spreads and obstructs blood flow. It can get to the point where basic simple movements are difficult to do. It’s common for women who are experiencing these symptoms as a result of cervical cancer to have prolonged pain which increases as time goes on.
8. Constant Fatigue
Constant fatigue could be also be a sign, especially if it is in conjunction with some of the other symptoms mentioned in this article. When there is disease in your body, it will work hard to do its best to try and fight it off. Your body then becomes tired as a result of these various biological processes.
9. Unexplained Weight Loss
The body produces small proteins called cytokines, which break down fat at a much higher rate than normal. This leads to weight loss, irrespective of your diet, when you are fighting disease. As with many other cancers, the same applies here.
These are all things that young women absolutely need to be educated on.I only knew about half of these things by the time I was 16 and learned so much more after being apart of the Vagina Monoloues. I didn't realize how much information I was missing about myself! So ladies, please take good care of your innards. Your vagina is a sacred and beautiful place and needs to be taken care of like a sanctuary!
I'm glad somebody had the balls (pun intended? hehe) to write this card! Lots of great info. Thanks so much for sharing @KhystinaLee, you're awesome :)
Very informative! Thanks for sharing this. It's definitely an eye-opener.
Thanks for sharing this! I totally agree, it’s a topic that isn’t really talked about much (even between women!) and we should be talking about we know stuff like this! :)