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So I'm from the United States and today I just started thinking will I ever get to meet my bias Jungkook or any Korean band in that matter. Truthfully u just wanna leave here and go to Korea I want to meet Bts and Jungkook. I know I probably will never get to meet any of them but I really want to........ Like if you understand how I feel
I totes feel you. The fact that they hardly go to other states to perform makes me feel like I will NEVER meet them and I rant about it to my non K-Pop friends and they all feel bad for me because at one point, all of my friends got a chance to meet their idols...
@ShadowAnggel87 that's a really great idea
I feel you tho. It just like a sweet dream and when you wake up, the dream is gone.
don't worry hun I will move to South Korea with you and we will get to meet all of the BTS members
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