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CNBLUE (Cinderella) Official MV
Cnblue Supernova (Japanese Official) Mv Track
Cnblue Cinderella Live
Cnblue Rolllercoaster Live
All credit to its actual owner
I just want to share their awesome comeback with you all
especially Supernova
its soo awesome rollecoster and other tracks r soo great too
hope you all will like their and support their album too.
Here is the link to the full album
I like all the tracks
but my favorites are , footsteps , Control, Hold my hand, Rollercoaster and Hero
What do u all think?
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This comeback was great, and the album as a whole had a really groovy sound. My favorites were Domino, Drunken Night, Radio, and Footsteps.
@JaxomB awwww don't say day let's have faith in all cnblue fans boice😊 @baileykayleen @ckienitz @ckienitz @candyland1986 thanks sooo much guys I love their comeback please watch nd share the video so we can all reach the goal of 2 million for cnblue 😊💝
@Sherrysahar. The Boice are loyal, faithful, loving, but tend to be older than some of the other fan bases. We are busy with college, jobs, and family....that makes it difficult for us to play mv over and over to raise views. My daughter LOVES CN Blue, but her friends have no's all about the younger groups. How do you get them more interested? How can we get CN Blue more exposure? It would be wonderful if we could get them to tour the US soon.
@JaxomB yess u r riitte I want cnblue to come to Ny and other states of US again too