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Sorry to pull a BTS on you guys this weekend (is that joke too soon?) but I was pretty much sweating myself to death with a fever from a crazy infection and in between my naps and my drugs (antibiotics lol) I was only a functioning human for about 20 minutes every few hours.
That being said - I am feeling so much better, I am filled with so much peanut butter toast and orange juice, and I am so confused by all this Jin drama.


Also, how was your weekend?

Sorry I was super lame and missed Thursday Trivia and FOMO Friday :'''''(((((((
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My weekend was ehhh I babysat my cousin for like 9 hours on Saturday. I got grounded Friday for staying out past midnight and dress shopping got canceled :( lol but it wasn't too bad
They went to some party with alcohol cause they smelt when they came back. I got $60 but my cousin is a straight up classic brat so it's ehhh, $60 lol
awww Get better take care of your self, sorry sometimes I don't aswer to the tags but I do it for helth reasons too I can't afford to get sick, 馃槄 .. I know that this can get stressful. That's why I sometimes part my self from all media too I zone it out especially if something big is going on that I don't like I avoid it. Because I can't do something about it.馃様...anyways I really hope you feel better. Take care of your helth first you come first okay? Thank you for all the tags I really do appreciate it馃憤馃槏馃槶馃槶馃憤馃槏 your keep me updated in so many things 馃槅 buy don't feel obligated okay, Love you and thank you 馃檱 馃槞馃槝馃槡